A counselor – Enrique Lopez – from the Government has sent a letter to Stefano Domenicali regarding hosting a F1 grand prix in Madrid.

Amid news of Nice pushing to host a F1 grand prix on the streets in France, a Counselor of the Presidency, Justice and Interior of the Community of Madrid – Mr. Lopez – has sent a letter to Domenicalli in a bid to host a grand prix in Madrid.

The letter is on behalf of the Government of the Community of Madrid where Lopez stresses on the interest they have for F1 to host a grand prix in Madrid. It is not clear if it is directed towards a street course, but the likely indication is towards that.

F1 last visited the region at a permanent facility in Jarama but since then Barcelona has been the longtime host of the grand prix. Other Spanish venues like Jerez and Valencia have also hosted the races but only for a brief period.

The current interest from Madrid comes at a time when Liberty Media has gone for city center venues against the traditional circuits. The likes of Jeddah and Miami joined the stable with Las Vegas to join in, which has put other old venues in a danger of losing their space.

While the letter was sent on June 20 nothing from F1 side has been made public if they are interested in the offer. Apart from new venues in Spain and France, there is also a strong speculation of the sport returning to Africa at Kyalami circuit.