Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz completed the three-day 18-inch Pirelli tyre test; as McLaren shares their latest Unboxed of F1 filming day.

Like how it was in 2020, Ferrari kick-started with the 18-inch Pirelli F1 tyre testing for the 2021 season at Jerez on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Both Leclerc and Sainz present for the running, where they focused both on the intermediate/wet and slick tyre compound.

The first day saw Leclerc complete 110 laps, running the intermediate F1 tyres all-through, in a Ferrari mule car. For the second day, though, they started off with the intermediate prototype, but switched onto the slick compound to finish the day’s proceedings.

The second day had both Leclerc and Sainz in action as together they completed 85 laps. The third day saw the Spaniard in action, who started the day running the intermediate/wet tyres for 88 laps and then switched to the slick compound to do 37 laps in all.

The three-day running saw Leclerc and Sainz complete 320 laps in all, much needed for Pirelli to start its 18-inch database for the 2022 F1 season. The full testing schedule will be announced at a later stage with the manufacturer getting 30 days of running.

Here’s photos of the test run:

Staying with another F1 news, McLaren shared its latest Unboxed video from the filming day activity at Silverstone, where both Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo had their first chance to drive the MCL35M for 100 km on demonstration tyres.

Here’s the video:

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