Ferrari has extended its partnership with Shell Motorsport to work on future engine regulations, as Alfa Romeo/Sauber sticks with Acer.

The long-standing partnership between Ferrari and Shell will continue on for further few F1 seasons after the two signed a new multi-year deal to remain as partners from 2021 season onward, as the focus now switch towards new engine regulations.

It is unclear how many years come under multi-year, but with the idea being the new engine regulations, it can be understood or rather ascertained that they will be together even beyond 2025, which is when the new regulations kick-in.

“The relationship between Scuderia Ferrari and Shell dates back to 1929, the year our team was founded,” said Mattia Binotto. “In that time we have produced so many victories together. We are delighted therefore that our collaboration is now set to go on even longer.

“We share many common values, not least excellence, passion for racing and teamwork, which have made this partnership unique in the history of motor sport. As our Innovation Partner we will continue to work with Shell on the transfer of racing technology to mobility as well as the ambitious challenges that lie ahead in particular the aim of Formula 1 to reach a net-zero emissions level by 2030.”

At the same time, Istvan Kapitany, Shell Global Executive Vice President for Mobility, added: “Our partnership with Ferrari has bred truly remarkable innovations – innovations that Shell regularly relies upon when developing new fuels and lubricants for our customers.

“We’re now entering a very exciting time in our history together as we leverage this partnership to not only strive for success on the track, but also to develop cleaner fuels and lubricants for our customers.”

Looking at Alfa Romeo/Sauber, the Swiss F1 outfit also extended its partnership with Acer, after signing a deal in 2020. To further add to their new contract, Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi will become the face of the company’s marketing activities.

Acer will be a good connect between the team at the race venue and the factory. “It’s an absolute pleasure to extend our relationship with Acer,” said Frederic Vasseur. “Our work together in 2020 highlighted the synergies between the world of high-end information technology and motorsport.

“Both are highly competitive environments in which the pursuit of performance is the constant objective and in which every day opens new possibilities of development. Working together in 2021 is a natural result of this and we are looking forward to sharing a successful season together.”

At the same time, Hajo Blingen, Vice President Marketing, Acer Europe SA, added: “We are delighted to extend our partnership in 2021 with one of the most prestigious teams in Formula One history, featuring iconic drivers. At Acer we not only push the boundaries of what is possible in technology, but also in digital marketing by bringing even more engaging content and stories to our fan community.”

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