The two drivers involved in Belgian GP’s Lap 1 crash, Sauber’s Charles Leclerc and Renault’s Nico Hulkenberg reckon the Halo cockpit device did its job.

The Monegasque was unsure of the consequences after the race had Halo not been there when McLaren’s Fernando Alonso flew past him in the incident. Videos from multiple angles gave varied views but it seemed, Alonso’s tyres may have hit Leclerc’s head.

The tyres marks on Leclerc’s Halo has some of the drivers now convinced and a lot of other criticising parties of the need of the safety device. The data from the incident though will be closely analysed by the research team of the FIA for further improvements on Halo.

But for now, the drivers can feel safer inside the cockpit. “For sure, I think it’s proven pretty useful and a good device,” said Hulkenberg whose hit caused for the chain reaction which forced four other drivers to retire from the race.

“Obviously we can only speculate what would have happened without it but it looked pretty clear from the point that the tyre marks were obviously all over the halo and from that point of view it’s done a very good job, to keep the head safe.”

The German though admitted he still is not a fan of it even though he acknowledges that it increases the safety percentage in the sport. “Whilst I am still not a big fan of halo and the device, I have to see the facts and admit that it does bring something to F1 especially the safety that we appreciate in the car.

“Divided [and] mixed feelings about it still but it’s not down to me anyway. It is what it is.” Hulkenberg found some support in Red Bull’s Max Verstappen who felt the tyres wouldn’t have hit Leclerc and since Halo is so far out, it was certain it will come in contact with the tyre.

On the other hand, the Monegasque who wasn’t a fan either thinks it is best to have it irrespective of the looks. “Looking back at the images we can’t know what would have happened without it but obviously I was quite happy to have it over my head.

“I think it deserves to be in Formula 1 now, whether it looks good or bad, I don’t think that matters any more,” he said, adding that the incident looked quite bigger than it actually was for him in the cockpit.

Post race, Alonso said the decision to put Halo was vindicated, something which Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo agreed to, in Monza. He said Toro Rosso’s Brendon Hartley’s on-board gave a clear view of the crash and how Halo helped in the deflection.