The Exosphere situated at the Las Vegas GP circuit will be used to showcase custom F1 content after a deal with Sphere Entertainment. 

The promoters of Las Vegas GP and Sphere Entertainment have signed an exclusive deal to showcase F1 content all weekend long on the famous Exoshpere, which is managed by Sphere Studios. The sphere is situated around Turns 5 to 9.

The deal already kicked off with the Exoshpere showcasing snippets of the Netflix Cup on Tuesday night. It will continue with curated content which includes real time pole position and also a custom podium moment to celebrate the Las Vegas GP winner.

The Exosphere will also feature the driver cards of all the 20 F1 drivers along with their cars in a ‘larger than life’ form. The Las Vegas GP is the first live event to feature on the sphere which will be broadcasted around the globe.

“We are looking forward to partnering with the Formula 1 Las Vegas GP in the inaugural year both for Sphere and the Grand Prix in Las Vegas,” said Joel Fisher, Executive Vice President Marquee Events and Operations for MSG Entertainment, who oversees marquee events for Sphere.

“This is one of the world’s premier sporting events, and we are ready to showcase Sphere to our global audience via F1 – both in person in Las Vegas and watching around the world – demonstrating the unparalleled technological and creative capabilities of the Exosphere.”

At the same time, Las Vegas GP’s Emily Prazer added: “Sphere’s Exosphere doesn’t just complement the Las Vegas Strip Circuit, it elevates it to new heights, turning every lap into a mesmerizing experience for fans in attendance and watching on TV globally.

“Picture real-time pole positions, thrilling podium celebrations, and a dynamic showcase of all 20 drivers and their iconic cars displayed larger-than-life. We are excited to have Sphere at the heart of race weekend.”

Here’s a video:

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