Marvin Kirchhof has won his third race this season after a second sleeve racing quite lively and entertaining GP2. The podium completed Esteban Ocon and Luca Ghiotto after a spectacular comeback.

The race began with a GP3 surprises Alex Palou trompejava the turn of warming, and part did not go pace, falling quickly to eighth place. Ahead, Alex Fontana maintained first place ahead of Mateo Tuschen, who shortly after and would fall to sixth place. Fontana did not have the expected pace and was blocking the race a bit, until the advanced and Jimmy Eriksson was put in command of the race.

The laps went by and Eriksson and marched Kirchhof. Behind Fontana looked overwhelmed by Ocon and Ceccon going to fall increasingly behind. Finally, the winner of the race yesterday, Emil Bernstorff, trying to beat the Swede but closed a little, leaving the Arden flying through the air on the first xicant Monza. That made him fall further behind in Fontana, while Bernstorff left the race and added to the list of recalled was composed Bosak, Parry, Morris and Janosz.

Ghiotto behind was making a big comeback, reaching and surpassing Ceccon it. He was fourth behind Ocon, who would approach safely overcome it. Ahead Eriksson continued to lead until the last lap mechanical problems prevented him from winning, falling to fifth place and giving final victory Marvin Kirchhof. Ocon remained second and Ghiotto climbed the podium after leaving 19th. Ceccon completed the points, Eriksson, Tuschen, Boschung and Stuvick. Palou finally remained in the Top 10 in a discrete action.

The GP3 Series will return this weekend from 9 to 11 October on the occasion of round coaster circuit Sochi.