Max Verstappen created history with 10 consecutive wins in F1 Italian GP from Sergio Perez as Carlos Sainz was third.

It was an aborted F1 Italian GP start after AlphaTauri’s Yuki Tsunoda had to stop at the side of the track due to a power unit trouble. It took time for marshals to recover the car which cut off couple of laps from the total lot as the drivers had to wait longer for the start.

Once it got going, Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz led the F1 Italian GP at Monza cleanly from Red Bull’s Max Verstappen as Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc fended off Mercedes’ George Russell to retain third with Red Bull’s Sergio Perez on his tail in fifth.

McLaren’s Oscar Piastri passed Williams’ Alexander Albon for sixth on the start with McLaren’s Lando Norris clearing Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton with Haas’ Nico Hulkenberg jumping up to 10th after passing Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso at the start.

As Verstappen pressed Sainz for the lead, Albon made a fine move on Piastri to retake sixth. It was same at the back end of the Top 10 where Alonso cleared Hulkenberg for 10th in the chase of ninth where Hamilton ran the hard compound for his first stint.

There was another battle on for fourth place where Russell was being chased by Perez for couple of laps. The Mexican seemingly got him but both went off at Turn 1 and the Red Bull driver had to give up the place but he came back and eventually took fourth from him.

Just ahead, Sainz finally made a mistake with a lock-up at Turn 1 which allowed Verstappen to go wheel-to-wheel against the Spaniard and finally made the move at Turn 4 to take the F1 Italian GP lead and eke out a gap with Sainz losing out on his tyres.

Perez in clean air was fourth from Russell with Piastri being hurried by Norris after Albon made an early stop. Hamilton was eighth from Alonso with Alfa Romeo’s Valtteri Bottas in 10th with the Finn also running the hard compound for his first stint.

Post the pit stops, Verstappen was back in the lead as Sainz led Leclerc and Perez closely in the fight for net second. Russell was behind them but got a 5s time penalty after a moment against Alpine’s Esteban Ocon when the Brit was coming out of the pitlane.

He went off at Turn 1 and did not give the place back to Ocon who dropped couple of places behind. The Turn 1 also saw the McLaren pair make contact when Piastri came out of the pitlane side-by-side to Norris who gained a place on his teammate.

Both stayed behind Albon as the first stint as Hamilton went long on the hard tyre. By the time the Mercedes driver pitted, he lost ninth to Alonso. But the Brit got back on him to retake ninth as Norris chased Albon for sixth up ahead.

While Verstappen led the way comfortably, Sainz stretched out a bit in second as Leclerc had Perez on his tail. The Mexican tried a move at Turn 1 and Turn 4 but didn’t make it stick. He eventually went around and passed him for third at Turn 1.

The Monegasque stayed with him though with both a good chunk ahead of Russell who was clear of Albon. The Thai racer had Norris and Piastri on his tail for sixth as Hamilton was a distant ninth from Alonso in the Top 10.

The fight sixth started to get tasty with Norris going side-by-side Albon but the Thai racer hanging on. He did get through at Turn 1 while going off but had to give back the place. Just behind, Piastri had Hamilton on his tail after he quickly got onto him.

He tried a move at Turn 4 but it didn’t work initially, he came back and eventually made the move but they made contact at Turn 4 which was put under investigation. Both managed to continue but Piastri had his front wing broken as he dropped to 14th after pit stop.

Hamilton was handed a 5s time penalty as he cleared Norris and Albon for seventh and sixth as he then tried to create a 5s gap. Ahead of them, Perez finally managed to clear Sainz at Turn 1 with the Spaniard then fighting teammate Leclerc for third.

The Monegasque got through at Turn 1 but a lock-up allowed Sainz to come back and retake third. Leclerc then tried to pass Sainz for third and the two went wheel-to-wheel for multiple laps where they nearly made contact at several points.

It was Verstappen creating history with 10 consecutive wins going one better than Sebastian Vettel after his victory in F1 Italian GP. It was a Red Bull 1-2 with Perez in second while Sainz held onto third from Leclerc by 0.426s gap.

Russell was fifth from Hamilton who eked out a 5s gap to Albon who fended off Norris and Alonso to the line, as Bottas secured a point in 10th. Piastri initially finished 11th from Williams’ Sargeant but both had 5s penalties each to drop back.

Paistri passed AlphaTauri’s Liam Lawson off track at Turn 1 and so the Kiwi registered his best result in 11th from the Australian with Sargeant in 13th after his penalty against Bottas. Alfa Romeo’s Zhou Guanyu was 14th from Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll.

Alpine’s Pierre Gasly was 16th from Haas pair of Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen, where the latter two ended up a lap down. DNF: Ocon, Tsunoda.

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