Red Bull Racing’s Christian Horner differs slightly on Ross Brawn’s views regarding F1 motorhomes to be removed cor cost and sustainability.

As F1 makes changes in order to achieve its goal of net zero carbon emissions by the year 2030, F1’s managing director of motorsports Brawn suggested a move away from large, luxury motorhomes like the ones teams use on certain legs of the season.

The motorhomes, or ‘gin palaces’, as Brawn dubbed them, require an armada of trucks, planes, and machines to transport them to various races, and these machines pollute. Therefore, taking them out of the equation would assist F1 in making it to their target.

However, Red Bull chief Horner has said that this is a step too far – at least in his book. The Brit claimed that the motorhomes are a sustainable solution – after introducing their new Holzhaus – and one that is completely reasonable for most teams.

“Ross needs to have a look in his own Concorde Agreement because it doesn’t make any reference to that in their draft,” started a defensive Horner. “So I’m not quite sure what he was referring to [when he talked about motorhomes].

“But this [our new Holzhaus] is very sustainable, it’s all out of wood – and I think for the European races, teams’ hospitality is their base, their home for those European races, it makes sense. Obviously for the flyaway races we all survive.

“But I think what’s vital is that moving forward – we get charged the fortune for a tent and chairs and whatever else, that those costs, they’re provided for by the promoter, so that when you turn up, you get a set amount of facilities that we don’t end up buying tents at every grand prix where we go around the world,” Horner summed up.

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The story was edited by Darshan Chokhani