The FIA’s strict stance on jewellery and flame-resistant undies has spilled to another F1 weekend, as they have mandated them into scrutineering.

Ahead of the F1 Miami GP weekend, the FIA released a scrutineering form where teams and drivers are mandated to declare about jewellery and flame-resistant undies and comply with the regulations. This comes after their first note couple of races ago.

Some of the F1 drivers have spoken openly against it but with the FIA seemingly mandating the regulations, it is fruitless from their side to oppose it. Among all the drivers Lewis Hamilton is the biggest name who has rings welded onto his body.

The FIA has given him time of two races to remove those and he is ready to comply with it even though he has spoken against it. He tried to connect with Mohammed Ben Sulayem but hasn’t gone through him. Other F1 drivers also spoke about the recent clampdown where Sebastian Vettel was spotted wearing undies over his race overalls.

Thoughts on clampdown –

Hamilton: “I definitely do wear…  I couldn’t get any more jewellery on today. I mean, I don’t really have a lot more to add than what I already said the last time I was in front of you guys, and we spoke about it. It’s… I feel like it’s almost like a step backwards if you think of the steps we’re taking as a sport, and the more important issues and causes that we need to be focused on and really pushing. I think we made such great strides as a sport. Look, we’re here in Miami, this is such a small thing. I’ve been using… I’ve been in the sport 16 years, I’ve been wearing jewellery for 16 years, in the car only I only ever have my earrings on, and my nose ring, which I can’t even remove. So, it seems unnecessary for us to get into this spat. And so, I’ll try to communicate and work with Mohammed. I think, you know, I’m here to be an ally of the sport, of Mohammad and Formula 1. And as I said, I think we’ve got bigger, bigger fish to fry, bigger things to do more impact to have. So, I think that’s really where the focus should be.”

Solution –

Hamilton: “I really don’t know. As I said, I can’t remove at least two of them. One, I can’t really explain where it is. And, what I can say is that it’s platinum that I have, so it’s not magnetic. It’s never been a safety issue in the past. I’ve had, in 16 years, so many MRI scans and not had to take out the platinum, for example, because it’s not been an issue. So yeah. I mean, if they stopped me, then so be it. We got a spare driver, so we’re ready and prepped for the weekend. There’s lots of doing the city anyway, so I’ll be good either way.”

Talks with FIA –

Hamilton: “I’m willing to sign a waiver to take the responsibility away from them in that respect if I need to. But I think, Iike Pierre was just saying, it’s about individuality and being who you are. And I did try  Mohammad for example this morning, but I’m sure he was super busy. But I sent him a message, just reassuring him that I want to be an ally, I don’t want to fight with you guys over this. This is very silly: let’s have great weekend. But I’ve not heard back yet. So, maybe he’s texted me. I don’t know. But I try and speak to him before the race.”

Other F1 drivers on the matter –

Pierre Gasly: “I do understand. I do, I do believe there are bigger, bigger things to focus on. And I appreciate FIA are looking after our safety. That’s also their priority and our priority. My personal case, I have also religious item that I wear with me, when I’m racing, which are important to me, which I don’t feel comfortable not having was me driving the car. And I do feel it’s a little bit personal. We should have the freedom to do what feels right for us. At the end of the day, we have the responsibility to go out there put our life at risk. And I do feel it should be a personal choice, but I respect the FIA and their will to always improve the safety. But I’ll appreciate a talk with them, to see if we can find a better solution than such a strict decisions as they made. So we’ll see what we can do.

Alexander Albon: “There’s not really much to add to that. I still agree with Lewis’s comments, I understand. It’s our bodies at the same time as well. Like everything when you’re older, you’re prepared to have those consequences if, you want to do what you want to do, then so be it. You have a freedom for yourself. So yeah, that’s all.”

Sergio Perez: “I fully agree with Pierre and Alex in this case is good, from the FIA point of view to look after our safety because at the end of the day, it’s for us. But as Lewis said, he’s been in this sport for so many years, and he’s been doing it, and he already has them with him, so it’s, it’s not like that easy to remove them. So I think it would be good to find a compromise, to work together with them. And, and yeah, just make sure that we are all in the same line and not against each other. And I think that will be the important thing.”

Lance Stroll: “Nothing more to add, really. I think it’s great that the FIA is looking out for our safety but little things like a little piece of jewellery and stuff, I think it’s our own responsibility, as well to just accept the risk of something happening, wearing a bracelet or ring or whatever that might be. I get the big picture. But, I think there’s other things to focus on. Definitely bigger fish to fry.”

Sebastian Vettel: “I think it is a bit unnecessary to blow this topic up. Probably at this stage it’s more of a personal thing. And I feel in a particular way targeted to Lewis. I mean, we spoke about underpants as well. But really, is that the most exciting thing we can talk about? So in a way, you know, there’s a concern for safety. Obviously, if you have stuff and the car does catch fire, then it will be unpleasant. But on the other hand, I think, you know, to some degree, it’s personal freedom, and we’re old enough to make our choices outside the car, we should be old enough to make choices also inside the car.”