Haas has launched a right to review into the results of F1 US GP with regards to track limits which were unaccounted for by the stewards.

During the Brazil GP weekend, there were murmurs about a potential right to review situation from the side of Haas over the results of F1 US GP. The main crux was the investigation into Williams’ Alexander Albon’s track limits at Turn 6.

There was investigation undertaken by the stewards but there was no further action due to no sufficient evidence. This is what Haas wants to challenge as per the FIA document which has set November 8 as the date for a virtual meet to discuss the proceedings.

They will meet at 15:00 CET where the hearing will take place in two parts. The first will be to hear the evidence from Haas and if that is brand new and something relevant in the eyes of the officials, a second meet will take place to discuss and hand out a decision.

Not just the representatives of Haas will be present but also Williams, Aston Martin and Red Bull have been summoned. There is a case for Albon along with Lance Stroll and Sergio Perez, even though the document only talks about the Thai driver.

As things stand, Perez is fourth after disqualification of Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc, while Stroll is seventh and Albon in ninth. Should there be a situation where one or all three are penalised, it will elevate Nico Hulkenberg in the points.

Haas do need the points as they dropped to 10th in the last few races after improvements from both AlphaTauri and Alfa Romeo. Any shuffle will probably help the American F1 team, who wouldn’t want to get the least share of prize money by ending up 10th.

Here’s what the FIA stated:

“The Stewards have received a petition for a Right of Review in accordance with Article 14 of the FIA International Sporting Code, from MoneyGram Haas F1 Team on 03 November 2023 in respect of the decisions of the Stewards of the 2023 United States Grand Prix, Document 59, Alleged breaches of Appendix L, Chapter IV, Article 2c) of the International Sporting Code and Article 33.3 of the FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations in relation to Car 23 and Document 66, Final Classification.

“The team representative is required to report to the Stewards on Wednesday, November 8, 2023 at 15:00 hrs CET in relation to the above. The hearing will be held virtually via video conference, details of which will be provided by separate communication. Any other “concerned party” may seek the permission of the Stewards to appear. It should be noted that this Hearing will be held in two parts. The first part will be to hear evidence as to whether there is a “significant and relevant new element which was unavailable to the party seeking the Review at the time of the Decision concerned.”

Should the Stewards determine, in accordance with Article 14.3 of the FIA International Sporting Code, that such an element exists, a second part of the Hearing will be convened at a time to be advised.”

Here’s document for Williams: https://www.fia.com/sites/default/files/decision-document/2023%20United%20States%20Grand%20Prix%20-%20Summons%20-%20Williams%20-%20Haas%20Right%20of%20Review.pdf

Here’s document for Aston Martin: https://www.fia.com/sites/default/files/decision-document/2023%20United%20States%20Grand%20Prix%20-%20Summons%20-%20Aston%20Martin%20-%20Haas%20Right%20of%20Review.pdf

Here’s document for Red Bull: https://www.fia.com/sites/default/files/decision-document/2023%20United%20States%20Grand%20Prix%20-%20Summons%20-%20Red%20Bull%20-%20Haas%20Right%20of%20Review.pdf

Here’s what the FIA said about the DQ

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