Haas, Aston Martin and Red Bull are latest to complete 18-inch Pirelli F1 tyre test at Silverstone, as police seeks help in Lando Norris mugging case.

After the last slick tyre test with AlphaTauri at Red Bull Ring, Pirelli were back running the 18-inch compound at Silverstone this week. Red Bull returned for their last run, while Haas and Aston Martin had their first go running the prototype 2022 compounds.

Red Bull last ran at Barcelona, with Alexander Albon returning for one day of running on Tuesday. Unlike the last time, Pirelli did not mention the number of laps completed by the Thai racer. In fact, they mentioned for both Haas and Aston Martin drivers.

It was Nikita Mazepin in the Haas F1 car on Tuesday, who did a total of 110 laps, with Aston Martin’s Sebastian Vettel doing a similar number in his mule car. Their teammates Mick Schumacher and Lance Stroll, took over on Wednesday.

With Schumacher, Pirelli did a total of 112 laps, while Stroll completed 124 laps. The eventual total for Haas was 222 laps, while for Aston Martin was 234. For Pirelli, it was 456 laps of data between the two F1 teams, whereby they would have done more with Albon.

The next 18-inch tyre running will see Mercedes, McLaren and Ferrari in action at Hungaroring on August 3-4 – where the former will only run on Day 1, while the latter will on Day 2 and the middle one on both the days, for their first running.

Here’s the host of photos/videos from Pirelli, Haas, Aston Martin:



Aside the Pirelli F1 tyre testing, the Metropolitan Police released further details about the mugging of McLaren’s Norris on the night of UEFA Euros final outside the Wembley stadium. The information shared detailed on the whereabouts of the happenings.

While the statement from McLaren only talked about Norris getting shaken after a robbery of his Richard Mille watch, the police revealed that it took place at the yellow car park in nearby Rutherford Way, after about 11:50 PM – just after the match got over.

The police states that he was approached by two men, who engaged with him in a conversation. However, they then assaulted him, where he was held by one man, while the other took away his wrist watch. The robbers were gone by the time officers arrived.

The police now is looking for witnesses and footage of the crime from the people present in the parking lot. They state that one man claimed that night to have captured the incident on his dash camera, but he left the scene before providing any of his details.

The detectives wish to speak to them and obtain the footage. They are also requesting more to come through them, which they can also do anonymously on 0800 555 111. They have requested to call on 0777 667 3655, if anyone comes forward to sell it.

Considering it is unique and of limited number from Richard Mille for Norris and McLaren, it can be easily identified. The police arrested a 24-year-old on July 18 as a suspect in Liverpool, but he has been bailed to return on a date in mid August.

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