Pierre Gasly says being in a team for a second full season in F1 2021 helped him grow in experience and learn more things about himself.

For AlphaTauri’s Gasly, the year 2021 was a great season in terms of performance and racing in general. He stepped up to the task as number one driver in the team alongside a rookie Yuki Tsunoda. He drove for the same team two seasons running which always helps a driver from a consistency, set-up, knowledge viewpoint.

In short, it was possibly his best season even accounting for his Monza win in 2020. But as is the case with everyone, it was still a learning year. “I think honestly many areas that I learnt,” said Gasly. “The key point this year was really carrying for another year with the team. It was the first time it happened to me in Formula 1.

“We had a lot better understanding of what we need from each other with the group of engineers. It was having a bit more impact on what I need from the car. With Yuki coming as a rookie, I had a bit more responsibilities in the directions we took. I feel like I’ve learned a lot technically… being a bit more involved with the guys on that side.

“The balance between quali and race, you can’t adjust the car. It’s a fine line. Our car is strong in quali, more than in the race, but to extract the maximum from the weekend in terms of set-up and potential, I have made a step on that side. This year was probably my most consistent year in Formula 1.

“You always make mistakes but trying to reduce them and maximise all the opportunities that you have is a goal. This year, I have made a step on that side,” summed up Gasly. He breached the 100 points barrier too and added another podium against his name. He is getting better each year and is held in high regard by the F1 fraternity and is a very popular individual too outside the cockpit.

“I’ve scored the most points in a year compared to my first three seasons,” continued Gasly. “And I just feel like I’ve grown a bit more. I’m getting more consistent, fast. I’m working better with the team also. Working with them for a second year in a row is clearly helping. So, I think it’s been my best year and with experience you just get better in this sport. So I believe 2022 is going to be another step forward.

“There’s always room for improvement everywhere. But this year has been pretty incredible,” summed up Gasly. He had some great qualifying performances too with 19 Q3 appearances and a number of second row of the grid starts too. What also helped Gasly was the continuity factor which is always a plus for any driver. He also stepped up to the plate as the team lead with Tsunoda as a rookie and he led by example.

The story was written by Neil Farell

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