The FIA has opened up tender for F1 brake systems and wheel rims with May as deadline as push towards standardisation continues.

One of the biggest changes forthcoming from 2021 onward in F1 is standardisation of various parts on the car. The FIA already closed the bidding for a standard gearbox last month with next set of parts is revealed now for bidders to bid on.

The FIA has opened up bidding in three sections with two key parts of the F1 car involved. One is the brake system, which has been divided into two parts where ‘brake pads and friction discs’ form for one tender for bidders to bid.

The other includes ‘certain brake system components, comprising brake-by wire technology, callipers and master cylinder’, while the third tender is for wheel rims. Applications for all of the three is to be submitted by May 22.

The FIA will then notify the decision on June 14. The bidders have to draft two different bids for each of the part they wish to supply. The first one will cover four seasons from 2021 until 2024, while the second one will cover five seasons from 2021 until 2025.

The governing body has cautioned the bidders though to send in their applications in accordance to their technical regulations published on their website, as the parts will have to be equal to the smallest detail for all the F1 teams running.

Meanwhile, the decision for the standard gearbox from 2021 onward could be revealed anytime now, as the notification date set by the FIA is between April 15 and 30, with the closing date being March 19.

Check out the the three tenders: Brake 1, Brake 2, Wheel Rims