The FIA has termed the reports of three teams breaching F1 cost cap are ‘factually wrong’ with no decision yet made.

Recent reports from German and Italian media noted about F1 cost cap breaches from at least three teams for the accounts submitted for the 2022 season. The report did not mention the names of the outfits that breached the mark though.

But the FIA has refuted such claims mentioned in the report. The governing body told Sky News that the news about F1 cost cap breaches is ‘factually wrong’ and that the auditing process is still ongoing thing and no decisions have been made as yet.

The auditing team that are doing the fieldwork are still on their job and will complete the process in coming weeks to release any details and or breaches from any of the 10 F1 outfits for the 2022 season, whose cost cap is limited to $140 million.

Last year, Williams and Aston Martin were guilty party in procedural breaches and they were fined, while Red Bull were fined and handed windtunnel time cut after Cost Cap Adjudication found them with the breaches that they did.

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