With F1 pre-season rituals like car reveals and engine fire-ups now under way, FormulaRapida.net shares the audio of each engine firing before the new season.

Before checking out the 2021 fire-up, here’s one from 2020, which you can tune-in to check out the difference between the two: https://formularapida.net/f1-2020-hear-all-four-manufacturers-fire-up-ahead-of-new-season/


Starting with Alpine, the team fired-up their Renault F1 engine on February 11. The engine will be fitted solely into their A521, the first car the team will be entering under their new name. Some fans were quick to identify a sharper engine note in the team’s 2021 power unit, compared to a more gravelly sound produced by the manufacturer’s 2020 offering.



The firing up of Ferrari’s 2021 power unit came on February 12, the engine to be used by the factory team, as well as Haas and Alfa Romeo. After a woefully uncompetitive power unit relegated Ferrari-powered F1 teams to the back half of the grid in 2020, the manufacturers are hoping that 2021 brings improved performances.

Thus far, both Alfa Romeo and Ferrari have shared audio of their units firing to life, but Haas have been unable to fit an engine as a result of COVID-19 restrictions. The American F1 outfit will only get the chance to fire-up in Bahrain.




Prior to both the fire-ups of Alpine and Ferrari came Mercedes’ first engine fire-up, with McLaren uploading a fire-up video in late January. Mercedes’ factory F1 team have yet to post video or audio of their own, and may not with their March 2 launch date for their 2021 car fast approaching. While Aston Martin is yet to share its own fire-up but Williams did so uniquely by sharing the fire-up audio alongside its launch date.




Via AlphaTauri came Honda’s fire-up, in the form of a short video with 8D audio – a feature enabled by headphones. Red Bull will also be using this Honda engine, it the final one the Japanese manufacturer will produce in F1 for the foreseeable future, with plans to back out after 2021 albeit as a traditional supplier.


Here’s the launch dates for 2021 F1 season:

Alpine (interim livery) – January 14

McLaren – February 15 (Woking, online)

AlphaTauri – February 19 (Austria, showroom/online) – 9 AM CET

Alfa Romeo – February 22 (Poland, physical/online) – 12:05 PM CET

Red Bull – February 23 (online)

Mercedes – March 2 (online)

Alpine – March 2 (online)

Aston Martin – March 3 (online)

Haas – March 4 (online)

Williams – March 5 (online)

Ferrari – March 10 (online), team/driver launch (February 26)