Alfa Romeo’s Antonio Giovinazzi dreams to deliver his team a podium in 2021, doing so in a car he hopes can be competitive with a new Ferrari PU.

Ferrari’s 2020 power unit was woefully uncompetitive, and its lack of power translated to poor performances for those using it, both in the factory team and those purchasing the engines. Giovinazzi hopes the 2021 unit will allow for Alfa Romeo to ‘have more fun’.

The Italian also hopes that Alfa Romeo’s 2021 challenger – the C41 – will bring improved performances in 2021. “I saw the new Alfa Romeo Racing car and it is really beautiful,” started Giovinazzi when speaking with Sky Sports Italy.

“The livery is very nice livery but the peculiarity will be in the front-end and we hope it can bring us something more in terms of tenths. I have driven it in the simulator. Yes, the power unit is unknown, but we hope here too that it can go better.

“And that it can allow us to have more fun.” With the C41, and with an improved physical state, Giovinazzi says he dreams to deliver the team their first podium under the Alfa Romeo name. “My dream is to put Alfa Romeo on the podium and I hope to do it.

“To do that you need a competitive car, luck, work. And we are working hard, even physically I have prepared myself well. I hope to have the car in Bahrain – [the] best possible car for the first race,” Giovinazzi said.

The 27-year-old forecasts a competitive grid in 2021 F1 season, in which he hopes there can be surprises as there were in 2020. “There have been many changes in the line-up and for this reason it will be a different World Championship,” said Giovinazzi.

“It is a nice grid, completed by the renewal of Hamilton. All are strong drivers and there will be an increasingly close fight. I hope for a more competitive championship, and maybe in some race there will be some surprises, like last year with the Alpha Tauri in Monza.”

Competition in 2021 may be shuffled up by the possible introduction of a sprint race on Saturdays, not to decide the grid but rather as an additional event. Giovinazzi says that he does not take issue with the proposals. “These are important hours, a decision is being made to that effect.

“I had a similar experience in Formula 2, but it was different. I don’t mind this idea. F1 has always wanted to try new things and let’s see what happens. It would be. It’s nice to have two races in Monza, that’s for sure,” summed up Giovinazzi, as Alfa Romeo completed its fire-up ahead of its launch on February 22 in Poland.

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