Mattia Binotto says Ferrari is banking on the stable rules for 2020 F1 season in order to fix its problems of the 2019 season.

Ferrari looked to be in a good shape in the 2019 F1 pre-season testing but by the time the actual season kicked-off, things started to look different as it became apparent the direction they took with the SF90.

The car was pretty quick with its straightline speed but lacked pace in corners, which limited them against Mercedes, who made up the lost ground in the corners in most of the circuits.

In addition, Ferrari lost several key chances, whether due to their own mistakes or from their drivers Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc, which allowed Mercedes to create a healthy gap from its Italian rivals.

So much so, that Ferrari almost have to take it as a year to build towards 2020, where rules are remaining stable, which can allow them to work on their weaknesses and prepare itself in a better way for the new season.

“There is quite different characteristics or let’s say that as Ferrari we are certainly lacking in grip-limited areas and this is where we need to improve, and whenever we may got to circuits where there are a lot of corners and where grip-limited is important or maximum downforce will be required to be fast, we are certainly showing our main weakness.

“How we are addressing that by the end of this season? I don’t think so because the gap is too big in that area. Can we improve the situation? Certainly we are working to address it. And are we putting too much effort into this season or should we concentrate on next year?

“We are trying to address the issue. Being that the regulations are now stable from now to next year, we believe that whatever we may do this season will be useful for the next one. So yes, there is a gap, it will remain; hopefully we may close it,” summed up Binotto.

After missing on few win chances, Ferrari finally delivered at Spa-Francorchamps and Monza – where it was expected to – to save face but it is long way still behind and the upcoming tracks won’t suit them as much.

It has been a difficult season but Binotto in his first year as Ferrari boss has enjoyed his time at the helm as he pushes the team to recover from the hardships for the season to come.

“I would say my role is more enjoyable than what I was expecting, rather than difficult,” he said. “The reason why it is enjoyable is because I think we have got a great team and a great team spirit and that is somehow giving to the team principal the right confidence and boost and again our tifosi.

“I think these are circumstances where you may somehow play your role in a proper manner. I would not say difficult but certainly the pressure is there. The first part of the season has been difficult and somehow to manage the situation is never easy.

“It’s true with the fans, with the media and it’s true within the team. But somehow that will make us even stronger in the future by making sure that we have been able and capable of managing the start of this season.”