F1 has finally shared the onboard of Max Verstappen from Sao Paulo GP when he defended against Lewis Hamilton at Turn 4.

Two days since the grand prix got done with, F1 has finally shared an all angles video of the fight between Red Bull’s Verstappen and Mercedes’ Hamilton from the Sao Paulo GP. It includes the all-important Turn 4 moment between the two.

Usually onboards are available for most of the cars but some cars also have the rear facing camera and at that moment, the cameraman shifted to the rear camera for Verstappen when they turned into the car. This meant there was no front view available.

The footage then had to be collected and downloaded which is now complete with F1 sharing the footage on its website. It carries all the angles and shows Verstappen turning left into the corner, but he made it almost impossible for Hamilton to go along.

Verstappen left it late so that Hamilton had no choice, but to back off as both went off track to make the corner. It remains to be seen how Mercedes takes the new footage, although it is unlikely that they can do much about it apart from raising their voice.

Here’s the full video: https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/video.all-the-angles-verstappen-and-hamiltons-lap-48-battle-in-brazil.1716586615244940261.html 

Here’s Lewis Hamilton on a dummy on Max Verstappen at Turn 1

Here’s Mercedes and Red Bull with their initial reaction