F1 has refuted FIA’s statement regarding the conflict investigation, with Mercedes also responding to the media trial.

Earlier in the day, the FIA released a statement regarding investigation of a F1 team principal and FOM employee in a conflict case of passing information. It didn’t name the people involved, while noted that the Compliance Officer is looking into it.

The speculation rose regarding the involvement of Mercedes F1 team principal Toto Wolff and F1 Academy head Susie Wolff. A report indicated of them being talked about in the paddock of having a conflict of interest being husband and wife.

Hours after the FIA released its statement, F1 has now refuted the case. They note that the governing body did not share such statement with them and that they have full faith on their people, turning down the allegations laid in the said report.

Moments later, Mercedes released its own statement where they did mention of an off-record briefing regarding the matter but refuted getting any memo from the FIA. It defended its team boss Wolff in the case and wants transparency in the matter.

F1 statement –

“We note the public statement made by the FIA this evening that was not shared with us in advance. We have complete confidence that the allegations are wrong, and we have robust processes and procedures that ensure the segregation of information and responsibilities in the event of any potential conflict of interest. We are confident that no member of our team has made any unauthorised disclosure to a Team Principal and would caution anyone against making imprudent and serious allegations without substance.”

Mercedes statement –

“We note the generic statement from the FIA this evening, which responds to unsubstantiated allegations from a single media outlet, and the off-record briefing which has linked it to the Team Principal of Mercedes-AMG F1. The Team has received no communication from the FIA Compliance Department on this topic and it was highly surprising to learn of the investigation through a media statement. We wholly reject the allegation in the statement and associated media coverage, which wrongly impinges on the integrity and compliance of our Team Principal. As a matter of course, we invite full, prompt, and transparent correspondence from the FIA Compliance Department regarding this investigation and its contents.”

Susie Wolff has shared a intimidating statement on her side –

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