The new F1 Nation podcast has Mika Hakkinen, Rob Smedley and Racing Point’s Sergio Perez to discuss about multiple topics related to the sport.

  • In near-ritualistic fashion now, the hosts – Tom Clarkson and Alex Jacques – recapped their weeks and provided highlights. The latter spoke on his commentating of ESports racing, and the latter, his Youtube-viewing binge of F1 overtakes.
  • A brief discussion of some of the best overtakes of F1 history snowballed into a conversation between the two hosts about Mika Hakkinen’s Spa 2000 overtake on Michael Schumacher, and on cue, the Finn joined to talk about it.
  • Hakkinen chatted about the logistics of the move, as well as the emotion and thought process behind it. His monologue then turned into dialogue between himself, Jacques, and Clarkson, who went on to discuss why some drivers can overtake better than others, and seem to have that killer instinct.
  • Having been a McLaren driver in a period of resurgence, he also spoke on what the British outfit’s F1 crew need to do now to replicate what they managed in the late 90s.
  • This led to a brief chat about Daniel Ricciardo joining the team, which was followed up by a full-blown discussion about the driver market. Before leaving, Hakkinen also discussed about Bottas’ potential and how he could do well in 2020 F1 season.
  • F1 consultant Rob Smedley joined in, who chatted about the new rules, and how the agreements were made. On the topic, he discussed how it will be policed, the sorts of changes it will force teams to make, and more.
  • The engineer, though, also touched on the driver market and the possibility of Sebastian Vettel joining Mercedes, as he also said that 2019 was the German’s best year.
  • Like clockwork, challenge Rosanna came next, as she brought in Racing Point’s Sergio Perez to chat and during the conversation she had to get him to do an impression of someone. In her conversation with the Mexican, she brought up lockdown life, and how it’s going for him.
  • She also raised to him the question of what his favorite overtakes are, following up on the previous conversation about overtakes.
  • Then, she spoke with Perez on sim racing and the return to action in July, and how he is preparing for this physically. Unfortunately for her, Rosanna failed the challenge.

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