The new F1 Nation podcast had David Coulthard speak about Sebastian Vettel and his future, while Johnny Herbert joined in too.

  • In the latest installment of the F1 Nation podcast, there were – as always – weekly highlights from both of the hosts, Tom Clarkson and Alex Jaques. For the pair of them, the highlight was related to the access we have into the drivers’ lives in this time.
  • After this, there was much discussion about the Monaco GP that would have happened this weekend, where instead they will have F1 Virtual GP.
  • As a guest for this discussion, Coulthard appeared in the podcast, who not only provided insight into what it is like in Monaco right now, but also told of what it takes to win in the streets of the principality, and what it’s like racing there.
  • While Coulthard was there, he also spoke about the driver market madness and weighed in on whether the two parties made the right call; after this, he chatted briefly about the Heineken Legends Challenge.
  • He spoke about the situation with Vettel and how and what he can do. Post this, they read comments from fans, some positive and some negative.
  • One comment was related to Rosanna, which the hosts used as a Segway to switch to her interview, which was with former F1 racer, Herbert.
  • There was naturally discussion between them about life in an easing lockdown, and his leading of the Bahrain Virtual GP through an interesting line in turn one.
  • Then, she inquired about his Monaco GP experiences, and specifically the 1996 race.
  • Additionally, there was a Niki Lauda tribute portion of the episode, the Austrian driver having passed away just prior to last year’s race
  • For this, F1 journalist and author of a book on Lauda, Maurice Hamilton, made a cameo appearance. He discussed Niki as a driver, and also spoke on how he influenced Lewis Hamilton’s decision to go to Mercedes.
  • The podcast ended with Mercedes’ tribute to Niki playing.

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