The lone F1 pre-season test is in the books at Bahrain International Circuit, where reigning world champions ended up at the bottom.

Aside the news and stories, the main thing to watch out among teams was their lap count as mileage is crucial not only for the F1 outfits, but also the drivers and engine manufacturers. The less number of test days makes any small issue seem much bigger.

The three-day F1 test in Bahrain threw some interesting data in terms of lap count, where Mercedes ended up at the bottom of the team chart, while were only beaten by Sebastian Vettel in the drivers’ count – taking all the three days into account.

Considering they have four F1 teams in the manufacturers’ side, it helped them to be on top there. Ferrari came close with their three teams as their customer Alfa Romeo Racing soaked in the most number of laps. Honda’s AlphaTauri matched them in the teams’ side, as Pierre Gasly took glory on the drivers’ side.

Here’s the lap count of all the 10 F1 teams – in descending order:

Alfa Romeo Racing: 422

AlphaTauri: 422

Ferrari: 404

Alpine: 396

Haas: 394

Williams: 373

Red Bull Racing: 369

McLaren: 327

Aston Martin: 314

Mercedes: 304

Here’s how the F1 drivers stood – in descending order:

Pierre Gasly: 237

Kimi Raikkonen: 229

Nikita Mazepin: 213

Charles Leclerc: 212

Fernando Alonso: 206

Max Verstappen: 203

Lance Stroll: 197

Antonio Giovinazzi: 193

Carlos Sainz: 192

Esteban Ocon: 190

Yuki Tsunoda: 185

Mick Schumacher: 181

Daniel Ricciardo: 173

Sergio Perez: 166

George Russell: 158 (one day)

Lewis Hamilton: 154

Lando Norris: 154

Valtteri Bottas: 150

Nicholas Latifi: 132 (one day)

Sebastian Vettel: 117

Roy Nissany: 83 (one day)

Here’s how the four F1 manufacturers stood – in descending order:

Mercedes (four teams): 1318

Ferrari (three teams): 1120

Honda (two teams): 791

Renault-Alpine (one team): 396

Here’s the time list – best to worst – of all drivers/teams:

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