Pirelli Motorsport has released full F1 test calendar for the 18-inch tyres where all 10 teams will take part as first run is over with Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc.

Unlike 2019 when only eight teams took part to test the 2020 prototype, Pirelli has all the 10 F1 outfits to run the all-important 18-inch tyres which will make its debut from 2021 onward. The preparation for the same is already underway.

Ferrari were the first to run them at Jerez on Saturday with Leclerc as the dry Pirelli compound was tested. It was only for a day as per the calendar with the Italian outfit to run again on March 5 at Fiorano. It will be a wet weather tyres test, though.

Renault (Day 1) and Mercedes (Day 2) will be next up to test at Bahrain International Circuit on March 24-25, just after the Bahrain GP. In similar way, Barcelona will host the fourth test where Red Bull Racing, Alfa Romeo Racing and Renault will run together.

The test will take place just after the Spanish GP on May 12-13 and all the three teams will run together on both the days. Both Bahrain and Barcelona will see the dry tyres to be tested, while the Paul Ricard test will see the wet Pirelli compound being run.

It will take place on May 26-27 where only Red Bull will take part. Red Bull Ring will host the next test just after the Austrian GP where AlphaTauri will be the sole one to run the dry tyres on July 7-8 with Silverstone to also host a test just after the British GP on July 21-22.

It will be the dry tyres again with Racing Point, Williams and McLaren to run together on both the days. September will see Paul Ricard host two tests one after the another, where the first one will take place on September 8-9 for the dry tyres.

McLaren will run on Day 1 while Mercedes and Ferrari will share the duty on Day 2. Just after that, Mercedes will stay on for the final wet weather test on September 10-11, as Suzuka is to host the final Pirelli test on October 13-14 with Haas, just after Japanese GP.

Here’s the full F1 test programme from Pirelli:

Pirelli, F1
Pirelli, F1

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