Renault F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo featured on the The Daily Show with Trevor Noah to promote Netflix Drive to Survive Season 2.

As the teams and drivers are getting ready for the 2020 F1 season, there is also wait and anticipation for a review show of 2019 on Netflix. The Season 2 of Drive to Survive goes live on February 28, which is the last day of Barcelona pre-season test.

A small preview from Netflix featured Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes as they make their debut on the show. The crew filmed the dreadful German GP, where Valtteri Bottas crashed out and Hamilton had an incident as well to finish outside the Top 5 position.

While promoting the new season, Renault’s Ricciardo featured on ‘The Daily Show with Trevor Noah’, with the episode airing on Monday night, titled as ‘Daniel Ricciardo – Rising To The Challenge in ‘Formula One: Drive To Survive.”

This could be one of the episodes, to showcase the Australian’s move from Red Bull Racing to Renault in 2019, where more clips aired on the same. Ricciardo also discussed other topics like being known in the United States of America, due to Netflix.

They touched on his Renault move plus life as a racing driver, podium celebrations, music and more. It is not often for a F1 racer to feature on premier talk shows in the USA. Recently, Hamilton featured on the Graham Norton Show in England.

F1 held a premier for Season 2 of Drive to Survive in the United Kingdom on Tuesday night for selected fans and media, where McLaren’s Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris and Williams’ George Russell were also present to witness the same.

Here’s the official video from the show – direct to Ricciardo seated:—rising-to-the-challenge-in–formula-one–drive-to-survive—extended-interview 

Here’s the video which showcases bits of Netflix show and Ricciardo’s entry:

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