Toto Wolff was surprised by pace in Canada, as he adds about more F1 updates coming up especially in Silverstone.

There were some reservations from the Mercedes camp that their F1 car may not be suitable in Canada despite the updates brought in Spain. But the duo qualified well in tricky conditions and were on course for solid points for both the drivers.

Lewis Hamilton got the podium, but George Russell had issues after a crash to lose out. But Wolff was surprised by their pace in Canada which gives them confidence and encouragement. “So for us we didn’t expect to perform here in Canada, because how the car behaves at the moment is more with high speed corners,” he said to media.

“So it’s encouraging to be not so far away. But one must not forget that Max is cruising in the front, I don’t think he’s completely cruising. Max is still having an easier time in the front. Not cruising but still, I think there is margin. So there’s quite a gap to catch up,” summed up Wolff, as there are things coming up for further improvements.

There is one coming in Silverstone which will add to their current package. “I think it’s a combination of both,” said Wolff. “I think we are understanding better the simulations, that correlates with what we are seeing on track. And that’s been a problem over the last one and a half years.

“We are seeing good performance gains that are coming in, in the tunnel. We are seeing a better understanding of what the car needs in order to go fast. What the setups need to look like. So generally, the steps are getting bigger now. I think we’re making good inroads. We’re bringing a larger one to Silverstone.

“Then we should have another one before shutdown. It’s just that the learnings have accelerated a lot since we changed some of the conceptual architecture. There should be decent steps coming in the next four races,” summed up Wolff.

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