Monaco-based MONGRIP got together with Agusto Farfus to create a bracelet made out of the tyres used by Aryton Senna in 1993 F1 European GP.

Last year, MONGRIP announced its new venture where they were to use the tyre shreds from the McLaren MP4/8 of Senna, which he raced with in the famous 1993 European GP at Donnington Park, to make limited edition bracelets for fans and others.

The grand prix is remembered even till today for the opening lap where Senna passed four rivals – including Alain Prost – to take the lead and eventually dominate to win over Williams pair of Damon Hill and Prost in a wet/dry F1 race.

The bracelet is made of authentic tyre shreds with 18K rose gold clasp on it with the famous Senna S logo. Bruno Senna features in an advertisement of the product too. It costs 3.666,67 for per piece, with 161 of it available to be bought here, on the official site:

MONGRIP, which is owned by Giancarlo Medici and has Brazilian racer Farfus as his business partner, is in the jewelry business for long and founded the company in 2016. He has other kinds of bracelets available on his site too, tagged under GT Race.

Here’s couple of promotional videos of the limited edition product:

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