AlphaTauri’s Pierre Gasly has shared an update that he is isolating in Dubai and one of the reasons for missing F1 ESports is not having the proper simulator.

After AlphaTauri shared an update for Kvyat, they have got Gasly now to share his side of things with the Frenchman revealing that he is currently in Dubai in United Arab Emirates rather than being in Europe with his family and friends.

It looks like Gasly chose to be away from Europe which has been hardest hit after China, while United States of America is slowly joining in. The Frenchman has his trainer with him in Dubai and handful of games to play – there is no full-fledged simulator.

That is the reason why he is unable to join any of the ESports series happening around the globe, including that of F1. He does have the game but it is at the PlayStation and XBOX level and so it is hard to engage in proper gameplay.

Gasly joined the list of F1 drivers to have updated about his whereabouts. Almost all of them have now done something or the other to update their fans as to what they are upto at a time when the whole world is battling against COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s the video shared by AlphaTauri for Gasly:

In case the video vanishes, here’s the link for it where Gasly updates his situation:

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