Sebastian Vettel won the ‘Overtake of the Year’ award for his move on Kevin Magnussen during the F1 US GP.

After every grand prix in 2022, fans voted for the best overtaking move in that grand prix. F1 compiled all of them under one roof and from among those, the move from Aston Martin’s Vettel on Haas’ Magnussen took the glorious win.

The social media team asked the F1 fans to vote and they selected the move from Vettel on Magnussen from the US GP. The German had a sound outing in the race until a slow pit stop which left him much to do to get back into the Top 10.

Late in the grand prix, Vettel attacked Magnussen for eighth as the two went wheel-to-wheel for couple of corners before the German eventually made the move that stuck and he scored valuable points in their fight against Alfa Romeo.

They eventually managed to tie in the constructors’ standings but Alfa Romeo’s finish of fifth place helped them take sixth from Aston Martin. But Vettel took the Overtake King crown, adding to his list of glory in retirement.

Here’s the move:

Here’s all of the moves compiled by F1:

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