Max Verstappen and Red Bull confirmed delay in arrival of the Dutchman for F1 Saudi Arabian GP due to ill health for the past few days.

The FIA has approved Red Bull’s Verstappen skipping the media day after the Dutchman alerted them about his ill health for the past few days which forced him to delay his arrival in Jeddah for the F1 Saudi Arabian GP.

With a gap of a week, F1 is gearing up for Round 2 in Jeddah this weekend. After pushing the media day for Friday last year, the FIA reverted to the old format of Thursday due to extra hours that everyone had to spend in the limited period.

It wasn’t working as thought about. Although Verstappen is not slated to be present in the official FIA press conference for Saudi Arabian GP, the Dutchman still was slated to speak to TV media in the Media Pen at 18:05 local time in the second group.

But after due permission from the FIA, Verstappen has been excused from the same as the Red Bull driver will only arrive in Saudi Arabia on Friday. The Dutchman revealed about stomach bug keeping him indoors for the past few days which is why he delayed his move.

He is feeling better now though. “Feeling fine again, after not being fit for a few days because of a stomach bug,” said Verstappen. “Therefore, I unfortunately had to postpone my flight for a day, so I won’t be on the track until Friday. See you in Jeddah.”

At the same time, Red Bull added in a short statement: “Max has been suffering from a stomach illness over the past few days and, with the agreement of the FIA, will not be present at track today. Feel better, Max.”

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