The Red Bull camp sees Aston Martin as the second best team currently in F1 as they poke a bit of fun at their situation too.

Considering that a lot of mechanics and engineers have moved on from Red Bull to other teams including Aston Martin with the big names of Dan Fallows and Eric Blandin, post the results in F1 Bahrain GP, they didn’t shy away from poking fun at them.

Team boss Christian Horner was not the only one to do so, with Aston Martin’s former driver Sergio Perez joining in the chorus. While the AMR23 is not exactly a copy of RB18 or RB19, but they have taken up a good inspiration and ideas of it.

Even Helmut Marko noted of Fallows and co not forgetting what they have in their head with regards to ideas and concepts. The gains they have made from last year to this year is significant as they are seemingly well place in the Top 4, away from the midfield.

With Ferrari and Mercedes having their set of issues, it has given Aston Martin a good space for now. Horner has put them in second at the moment in terms of the race pace that they showed in Bahrain. “They looked very strong in the race,” he said to media.

“It was enjoyable to see Fernando up there and it gives the 40-somethings hope that there is life in the old boy yet, and he raced very well, he is still so competitive and the Aston Martin looks a good car. Based on the result of one race you would have to say they were the second-strongest team here. So yes.”

Horner doesn’t regrets in letting Fallows go while crediting his successors from within the team. In fact, with Aston Martin doing well, it is flattering for Red Bull certainly. “We have a wonderful team [so we don’t regret in giving up Fallow],” he said.

“Everything has to evolve, nothing stands still, I think it is flattering to see the resemblance of that car to ours so it was great to see the three of them on the podium. And I think it demonstrates to all of the teams that it is possible.

“They have obviously done a good job over the winter and they say imitation is the biggest form of flattery and as I said, it is good to see the old car going so well,” summed up Horner, as Perez chimed in with his side of fun too.

“It’s nice to see three Red Bull cars on the podium,” joked Perez, before adding: “We are all Red Bull drivers.” But on a serious note, the Mexican felt happy that his previous team have finally broken through to reach this feat after good moments with them before.

Both Perez and teammate Max Verstappen were open to the idea of Fernando Alonso being a contender this year. “I’m first of all very happy to see Aston and Fernando up here,” said the Mexican. “I think it’s been a tremendous effort and it’s great to see Fernando in his first race for the team on the podium. I think they certainly have a very good car.

“They will be a contender for sure in a few tracks. You know that the seasons in Formula 1 are extremely long, so anything can happen. So yeah, it’s just nice to see Fernando and Aston Martin,” summed up Perez, as Verstappen further added:

“I hope so for Fernando as well because he has had a few years where there was not really a possibility to fight at the front so I’m happy to see him sitting here already in race one. I think also again, I mentioned it before, but at Aston Martin they really have the spirit and drive, they want to win and they’ve hired a lot of good people. So I guess it can only get better for them.

“And I think for this year, difficult to say if they’re going to challenge for the championship, but race wins are definitely on the table. I’ve been in the same position where some races I’m finishing 20 to 40 seconds behind the winners and you still win two or three races a year because sometimes they are some tracks which really suit your car and everything just comes together and you can win a race with maybe sometimes a bit of help or luck. But for sure they have a really strong package. And now of course it’s all about developing it further,” summed up Verstappen.

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