Richard Verschoor did what we all expected and was the quickest in the practices sessions at Valencia for F4 Spain championship. Anyway, the Dutch didn’t finish on top in practice one where the newcomer, Marta Garcia took the first place.

In the first practice session the newcomers from Drivex, Marta Garica and Antolin González surprises. Specially the woman who set the fastest lap with 1:34.737, been 6 tenths quicker than Tuomas Tujula (Doble R Racing). Completed the top3 the Catalan Xavier Lloveras (MP Motorsport) 7 tenths slower than Garica.

Results FP1: 1 Garcia 2 Tujula 3 Lloveras 4 Vartanyan 5 Verschoor 6 González 7 Volgeov 8 Kroes

In the second practice, the championship leader, Richard Verschoor (MP Motorsport) was the fastest with 1:34.153. The Dutch was 3 tenths faster than Nikita Volegov (Drivex) and Tuomas Tujula.

Results FP2: 1 Verschoor 2 Volegov 3 Tujula 4 Garcia 5 Kroes 6 Vartanyan 7 Lloveras 8 Gonzalez