We are waiting for the Grand Prix and as newness this season, Formula Rapida brings you this section where the best races in F1 will be remembered. Adrià Santos explain the situation, the race and the repercussion of these races. Are you ready to back to he past?

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Season 2005 began in Melbourne, the usual track in first row of Formula 1 World Championship. Teams and drivers wanted to beat Michael Schumacher (#1) and Ferrari after their domain during last seasons. The german driver had won his 7th tittle after winning 13 of 18 races. Rubens Barrichello (#2) would be his teammate one more year after being runner-up with 2 wins.

BAR Honda continued with their line-up with Jenson Button (#3) and Takuma Sato (#4) as drivers. They wanted to consolidate them as a title contender. They would try to win for first time.

In France, Renault trusted in Fernado Alonso (#5) and new signed up from Sauber, Giancarlo Fisichella to get the team back to glory while Williams changed their drivers. They signed Mark Webber (#7) and Nick Heidfeld (#8).

Hakkinen’s era was too far away but McLaren Mercedes didn’t think about give up in their fight against Ferrari and they had two talented drivers; Kimi Räikkönen (#9) and Juan Pablo Montoya (#10).

Former World Champion, Jacques Villeneuve (#11) was choosen to replace Fisichella on Sauber; Felipe Massa (#12) would drive the other swiss car.

Redbull bought Jaguar for this season and they signed David Coulthard (#14) and Christian (#15) with Chritian Horner as Team Principal.

Toyota started their 4th season with Jarno Trulli (#16), who signed with them 2 rows before the finish of the previous championship, and the new coming Ralf Schumacher (#17). The Japanese team wanted to establish themself as a good team and also supplying engines to Jordan. The British team signed 2 Rookies; Tiago Monteiro (#18) and Narain Karthikeyan (#19). The Formula 1 grid would be complete with Minardi and Patrick Friesacher (#20) y Christijan Albers (#21) as drivers.

Season Regulations

It wasn’t allow to change tyres during the race, except for security reasons, and Pit-Stops were only to furnish fuel.

The engines were V10 3000cc, last season used. Drivers must complete two rows before change the engine. They could change engine in case of retirement in the previous race. Break this rule had a 10 places penalty in the next qualifying.

The qualifying practice were two laps in two different sessions. The Pole position would be for the fastest driver in the two laps combinated. First qualifying practice took place on Saturdays, with free charge of fuel. The order was established by the inverse results on the previous race. Second qualifying practice took place on Sundays, with the charge of fuel that drivers would start the race. The order was established by the inverse results on the first qualifying.

The points for championship were given to the top 8 drivers; 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 points. No points were won for Pole Position or Fastest Lap on race.

Qualifying Practice

Qualifying began with the inverse order of 2004 Brazilian Grand Prix, therefore Rookies would be firsts to make his qualifying lap. The session had controversy because of his format. Saturday’s session was too busy, it began in wet condition.

Firsts drivers had so many issues and their went down in the qualifying table. When the first Sauber started his lap, Trulli setted the pace, followed by Webber and Klien. Villeneuve would be the first driver to put the dry tyres, and he setted the 3rd fastest lap.

After that, was Giancarlo Fisichella’s turn, who made the fastest lap because of dry conditions. However, he was the only driver to take advantage of this conditions, because it started to rain again in Felipe Massa’s lap. The Brazilian driver had to leave his lap.

Wet tyres again, Michael Schumacher went on track and he setted a time 25s behind Pole Position. While former champion was making his lap, Takuma Sato crashed and the session was interrupted.

At the restart, Ralph Schumacher couldn’t do anything to be ahead of the table, qualifying just behind Minardi and Jordan. The track went better but not enough, Alonso setted 14s behind the first position and Barrichello setted 12s behind Fisichella.

McLaren was the last Team to go on track. Kimi qualifyed just ahead from Montoya, who setted a time just ahead from Rubens Barrichello. Saturday’s qualifying practice ended but the Sunday’s practice would decide final positions.

Second session was without surprises and Fisichella reached the Pole Position followed by Jarno Trulli. Webber climbed to 3rd position with the fastest time on session. Villeneuve and Coulthard completed the TOP 5. Looking to the main contenders, Montoya and Räikkönen placed 9th and 10th followed by Barrichello. Fernando Alonso placed 13th and Michael Schumacher placed 18th without time in the second session.


Race started bad for Kimi, he had to start from pit-lane due his engine stopped. So, the race was cut one lap. With an empty place in the grid the 2005 season began. Fisichella hold the first position with Trulli behind him. The scottish driver, David Coulthard, reached 3rd position while Villeneuve lost so many positions till place him just ahead from Barrichello and Alonso. The Ferrari’s driver overtook the Sauber who stopped the driver placed behind him. Michael Schumacher used the advantage of his Ferrari to gain some places with Raikkonen just at the back.

Fisichella setted the pace and the race was stabilized. Trulli, Coulthard, Webber, Heidfeld, Klien, Montoya and Barrichello completed the points zone.

The battle continued at the rear part of the race, with Alonso and Villeneuve as main characters. Pit-Stops were approaching and drivers became more aggressive. Coulthard and the two drivers of BMW Williams began to battle and Klien with Montoya and Schumacher with Räikkönen fought too.

With 16 laps, Fernando passed Villeneuve at Ascari corner and the spanish driver improved his performance. One lap later, Trulli and Heidfeld entered in Pits. Alonso setted the Fastest Lap showing what couldn’t do behind Villeneuve.

Top drivers stayed out longer. Fisichella, Montoya, Barrichello and Alonso were leading without stops. The leaders were faster with less fuel and better cars.

With 22 laps, Fisichella and Montoya entered in the Pits and Barrichello placed in the lead while Alonso setted another Fastest Lap. Kimi and Michael continued with his progress fighting with drivers who had already stopped.

Fernando, Rubens and Kimi stopped at the same lap. The spanish driver went out from Pit Stop just behind Trulli. One lap later, Schumacher stopped and the drivers were placed in the following positions: Fisichella, Coulthard, Webber, Barrichello, Montoya, Trulli, Alonso and Klien.

With 27 laps remain, Alonso passed his former teammate to place him 6th, at the same corner he passed Jacques before. Coulthard resisted in 2nd position with his Red Bull (year 2005 was the debut’s season for the team and they weren’t the winning team they are nowadays).

Trulli stopped in the Pits at lap 36, opening the second Pit Stops window. Webber and Räikkönen entered in the Pits too three laps later. Meanwhile, Alonso approached Montoya and Barrichello. Looking to the other Ferrari’s driver, Schumacher were placed 7th putting preasure to Webber while he stopped at Boxes. The leader of the race and Montoya did the same.

With 22 laps remain, Michael forced Heidfeld outside track limits causing a collision beetwen the two german drivers. Two driers had to retire from race. With yellow flag on the sector 1, Rubens entered in the Pits and Fernando placed ahead before his Pit Stop. He made it and placed 3rd. There weren’t more position movements and the victory was for Giancarlo Fisichella, followed by Rubens Barrichello and Fernando Alonso in 3rd. Coulthard, Webber, Montoya, Klien and Räikkönen completed the TOP 8 drivers.


Renault showed that they are contenders for the title, the drivers were too strong this race. It was only the beginning but Renault took a controled victory after starting from third place. Thus, and the good feelings between Alonso and Fisichella, lead to the victory in Dirver’s and constructors championship.

In the other hand, McLaren showed as the team to beat but they had a lot of problems. This team showed consistency in some parts of the season but they showed weakness in other parts with a car designed by Adrian Newey.

Looking to Ferrari, Schumacher was weak and unable to overcome, it was the beginning of a hard season. Barrichello’s 2nd position wasn’t the truth of the season. They commited mistakes and the car was far to be the best.

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