Hungaroring circuit have hosted the first test of new Fórmula 3 class where the rookies that foght up for the title on german Formula 4. We are talking about Juri Vips (Motopark) and Marcusd Armstrong (Prema). Anyway, there a lot of new faces and it has been a great momento for Ma-con who came back to the grid and sahred the track with habitual teams like Prema or Carlin.

This first days is where driver and cars, also the resto f any team to get used with procedures. This is one of the main rutines to do on this first testing rounds, as it happens on all the championship in motorsport. But if someone has impressed over the rest, this is Alex Palou. The spaniard, who competed last year on the japannese Formula 3, and partially on Formula V8 3.5 and Formula 2 has impressed this 2 days in Hungary.

Palou has been the dominator of the first day and at the end of the day he was toping timesheets, but he didn’t do it by a big gap. As it was expected, drivers like Micxk Schumacher, which is one driver where there are a loto f expectations this season was on the top also. The german has to hold the charge that supposes to be son of seven times Formula 1 world champion and being driver of teh Ferrari driver academy, but he seems be fine with that pressure and it seems that driver and machine are in gfood shape and they are able to fight for victories this year.

On teh second day teh revelation from British Formula 3 in 2017, Enaam Ahmed, was who topped the sesión at the end of the day. Once again, the main contenders where at the first positions; Palou was following his teammate froms econd position, Mick Schumacher was seventh and title rival son Formula Renault 2.0 in 2017, Sacha Fenestraz and Robert Schvartzman where inside the top10. So, witrh all just started, it seems that everything is going over the plan and the expectations.