Guenther Steiner talks about the addition of American races on F1 calendar, but reckons even three is not enough for a large country like the USA.

Ever since Liberty Media took over F1, the sport has influx of two new races in America alongside the existing one at Austin. The grand prix in Texas is now among the fan favourites which sees full house more or less everytime the sport goes there.

This year saw the addition of Miami to the calendar after a long court battle, while the 2023 season will see Las Vegas making its return to make it three American grands prix on the F1 calendar – the maximum a country has seen in recent times.

Only Italy has hosted three races in a year in 2020 due to COVID-19 in recent times. Talking about the three venues, Haas F1 chief Steiner dissects how the three races are different to each other and that they are important in different ways to the sport.

Against the popular belief, Steiner feels even three rounds is less for a country like America. “I would say COTA is for hardcore fans – they’ve been here now for 10 years and everybody loves to go there, it’s a great race track, great event and a great city,” he said.

“Miami is Miami, we had a lot of people this year, more than a lot, and it’s another great event but it was completely different, it was like a big festival. I don’t know what Las Vegas will be but it will be big as well.

“We always have to think that the US is a big country and to have three races, it’s still not enough, I believe. There is something for everybody and I think each event has something in particular about it. Two of them have done a good job and I’m sure Las Vegas will do a good job as well,” summed Steiner.

Having said that, he feels this is the right time for F1 to have more than one grand prix in America, and that the races only compliment each other on the calendar which will see 24 events in 2023. “I think obviously 24 races is a lot of races but the demand is there, the fans want to see what we are doing which is the biggest compliment they can give us and we need to work hard to make them happy,” said Steiner.

“Three races in America, I think it comes at the right time. The sport is already popular and it’s getting even more so as we speak in America. More races are good and each of these races has got their own little thing that stands out, they’re not a copycat of each other. I think it’s very good and America is a very big country, and they will not get in the way of each other. Two of the races I already know are very good and I think Las Vegas will put a good show on,” summed up Steiner.

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