Guenther Steiner is happy with the pairing of Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen, with the two getting along well.

Having put to bed their old rivalry, Haas’ pair of Hulkenberg and Magnussen have started their new journey well in 2023 where both have scored points already in the three rounds. Team boss Steiner is pleased with the two getting along well professionally.

Even for Hulkenberg, Steiner is satisfied how the German is settling in being a professional at his work. “Nico is settling in very, very well,” he said. “I mean, he’s a professional, he has done this before, settled into a new team. That was one of the reasons we took him. He’s getting on good with Kevin.

“I think it’s a very good relationship, professional, you know. They are both now mature racers. They know what we expect from them. And they both deliver and they try to work together to bring the team forward. And that is all that we wanted. So at a moment, I have no complaints on that side and hopefully it stays like this,” summed up Steiner.

Elaborating on the different styles and strengths, the Italian felt it to be similar at this stage but advised it is a bit early to pin on the exact similarities and differences. “That’s difficult to say, maybe a little bit too early for me,” started Steiner. “I mean, we have done one test and three races with them. But I think they have got very similar strengths.

“They’re just experienced, and they’ve done this before. And obviously Kevin has got a little bit the advantage that he has been with the team now a few years, while Nico is new. But as I said, Nico is adapting very quickly, because even if the team is new, he has been in new teams before. So he knows what is expected. He knows some of the people that work with us from teams before. So at the moment, it’s going very smooth,” summed up Steiner.

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