Kevin Magnussen says he didn’t even feel the wall clip in dramatic F1 Australian GP crash where points was possible.

After an early red flag in F1 Australian GP where Haas’ Magnussen lost out considering he pitted under safety car, the Dane was the reason why the second red flag was waved which resulted in further drama with multiple major incidents.

For Magnussen, his moment came at Turn 2 where the Dane relays that he didn’t even feel the hit which resulted in wheel rim flying into the grass bank and even hitting a fan. “I didn’t even feel it, so it definitely wasn’t something that felt big in the car,” he said.

“But it was enough to crack the rim and take the tyre off. Unfortunate – we were in P12, so at the time it didn’t look like we would be able to score points. So, not my day, and it seemed like again, the car seemed to have decent pace so I’m encouraged by that, and we’ll push next time.

“I think we got unlucky with the red flag because we’d just pitted out of P11 and we seemed to be quicker than the next couple of cars so I was fairly confident at that stage of the race, and then we pitted under the Safety Car… and then that turned into a red flag and then everybody put their tyres on. So I was last,” summed up Magnussen.

The Dane did manage to claw back up but the crash eventually ended his charge, while teammate Nico Hulkenberg managed to stay put inside the Top 10 to score points which Magnussen thought was possible at point as he had the pace and legs to do it.

“It felt okay, I was in traffic the whole time but had a few laps there at the end after I got past Zhou where I was pushing but you know, I’d obviously given my tyres a hard time for them,” continued Magnussen. “But I think we would have the pace to be in the top 10 with the guys that that didn’t finish. Shame about the red flag and that first red flag otherwise, I think we would have been in the points.”

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