Norman Nato wins his second race of the season ahead of Pierre Gasly and Antonio Giovinazzi.

Mitch Evans started from reverse grid pole of the 250th GP2 Series race ahead of Jordan King and Luca Ghiotto. Raffaele Marciello, second of the feature race, stalled on the grid. Evans does not get away easily on the grid, unlike Nato who got from fourth to first within the first turn. At second chicane, Rowland missed his braking point and sent Ghiotto into a spun. At the same time, Malja pushed Evans off the track.

The VSC was used for one lap before racing got underway again with Nato leading ahead of King and Gasly. Rowland and Malja both got ten-second penalties for their contacts in the first lap.

At the first third of the race, Sergey Sirotkin had to retire. On the eleventh lap, Gasly and King spent the whole first sector wheel to wheel but the Frenchman eventually overtook the Brit for second place. Several laps later, Giovinazzi overtook King for third place. King’s tyres were destroyed by the end of the race and Malja, Lynn, Markelov and Matsushita were gathered behind him on the finish line.

Norman Nato took his second win of the season ahead of Gasly and Giovinazzi. King, Markelov, Lynn who overtook Matsushita on the line, Latifi, Malja and Kircchofer completed the top 10.

In the standings, Gasly is still leading by ten points from Giovinazzi.