The Swedish team rider Prema Powerteam has made victory in the third race of Nürburgring and proclaims champion after having managed to win 3 races this weekend and take a run of five consecutive wins. Stroll Cassidy was second and third.

At the start, Felix Rosenqvist kept the first place, that’s what I needed to be champion in this race, if Giovinazzi was not second. But the title was put face very Swedish as Jensen spent braking at the first corner, crashing into Giovinazzi damaging her car and left him without options. Behind the output it was fairly clean, removing some touch in the middle of the pack.

On lap 2 Pohler Lorandi was trying to overtake at the hairpin, but the Double R Racing driver went over, crashing into the driver Van Amersfort staying out of the first race and causing the safety car.

On the restart, the top positions were maintained. Ferrucci behind Ilott lead at the first corner, braking later than its rival after having taken the aspiration throughout the line.

Two laps later, we had the second safety car, when Macleod spun at the exit of Turn 2 and Rao could not avoid it. Fortec driver climbed over the rear wing Motopark driver, destroying both cars.

When the race was re-launched, the top 4 was formed by 4 riders Prema team, who were dominating the race with Rosenqvist first, followed by Stroll, Cassidy and Dennis.

The third safety car period did not take long to come out. On lap 11, Boccolacci came very strained at Turn 1 while trying to overtake Tveter, touching and leaving both cars out of the race.

Lorandi had to abandon after Tatiana Calderon touched him on the last corner when the Colombian pilot attempted overtaking inside the final turn. With this, Giovinazzi was already 15 degrees, having traced from the last position.

The race was relaunched with a lap to go, because there was only one minute of the time allowed. Felix Rosenqvist completed around without problems, thus the title of the FIA ??F3. Stroll has been second, third, fourth and Dennis Cassidy, completing a top 4 team Prema Powerteam. Leclerc was fifth followed by Pommer, Ferrucci and Ilott.