Former sponsor ROKiT has filed yet another cases against Williams F1 Team citing damages due to the previous case.

While COVID-19 already hurt people around the globe, there was a big change at Williams post the initial launch of its 2020 F1 car. They initially revealed a ROKiT-branded livery but with the COVID-19 delay, they dropped them for the final season start.

At that moment, things weren’t clear as to what happened but soon they both got involved in a legal case for contract breach. Both argued it was each other’s fault as Williams demanded money that ROKiT owed them as per the sponsor agreement.

After cases in London and California, ROKiT were asked to pay up £26,220,094.25 plus £1 million to cover the legal costs by the US court in December of 2022. The matter seemingly was closed then until now when a new case has emerged filed by the sponsor.

ROKiT has filed a fresh case in the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida, where they are demanding $149 million damages in the category of fraud. The case was officially filed on March 29 of this year against multiple personnel.

Along with Williams Grand Prix Engineering Limited, they have named Claire Williams, Mike O’Driscoll (former CEO) and Doug Lafferty (former CFO) in the case. From ROKiT’s side, well-known lawyer Larry Klayman has been appointed to fight the case.

ROKiT has filed the case stating that they offered Williams to pay up 50% of their said contract for the 2020 F1 season since the championship was truncated due to COVID-19. But the team did not agree and terminated the contract without alerting them.

ROKiT claims that in the cases they lost previously, the arbitrator did not have full details where statements were not disclosed in front of the court. They have also brought up the point that Williams promised of a better F1 car which it didn’t turn out to be.

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