The first race to the circuit of Hockenheim (Germany) has begun in wetted, and with a Marcciello going out since the pole, the exit has gone him very good, thanks to this, to the second turn has been able to take him out 5 seconds to Serrallés. To less than a second followed it Blomqvist with a rhythm of race of infarct. The advantage of the pilot youngster, of the team Press Motorsport, to size that they happened the turns, went doing bigger the advantage that had on the second classified, the one of Fortec Motorsports specifically to 13 seconds. To the turn 10 in Raffaele has had a scare, has caused him a ring in that luckily, has not happened him nothing has been able to follow in first position.


In spite of losing 10 seconds in the small accident. To the turn 14, as if it had not happened nothing, the Italian, dominated with a absoluty calm followed still of Félix Serrallés, with Tom Blomqvist to little more than a second.
Seven Müller of the team Ma-Cone and Harry Tiknell of the escuderia Carlin, went driving to 19 seconds of the head of race completing the 5 first positions.
During this while have happened one thousand things in the middle of the race, how the exits of track
of pilots like the Columbian Tatiana Calderon, or the companion of team of Raffaele, Eddie Cheever between other, highlighting the 5 abandonments that have had .
They had many slight accidents, causing yellow flags, with the result that is not could drive too fast, this has done that the organisation to decided to apply to the turn 15 an account back of 5 minutes.
All has kept the same to the head in front of except to the tail where some pilots struggled to achieve a few points.
But nothing has changed and to the last turn, the 19, And Marciello has achieved a deserved victory followed of the North American pilot Félix Serrallés. Closing the podium there was the British Tom Blomqvist.