On this week’s Beyond the Grid episode, Willy T. Ribbs was the guest where he covered many topics, from his F1 test to diversity in motorsport.

After recently being thrust into the spotlight thanks in part to the Netflix documentary ‘Uppity’, Ribbs was the guest on Episode 95 of the F1 Beyond the Grid podcast, in which he discussed his career, and diversity in motorsport.

  • Ribbs opened discussions by talking about his whereabouts, specifically in relation to the world-famous COTA track.
  • He then immediately dove into conversation with regards to his F1 test with Brabham, and his greater foray into racing in Europe – something he would have continued had the money not dried up.
  • Ribbs was also quick to begin discussing Bernie Ecclestone, and how he paved the way for more diversity within F1, before switching back to his aforementioned test.
  • The American shared stories from the test about the drivers that surrounded him for this session, adding that the brakes were hard to adjust to in a car that was ‘by far’ the fastest he has ever driven.
  • Winding back the clock, Ribbs also discussed his racing roots, all the way back to his karting, and his very beginnings in England – a country that he still loves.
  • He also mentioned that his talent was more recognized in Europe than it ever was in America, where he feels he was treated significantly worse among the racing fraternity.
  • Ribbs then addressed the death threats, criticism, and insults he received, particularly in that famous Talladega incident, from which his nickname ‘Uppity’ originated.
  • After this, Ribbs told of the influence his grandfather had over his, before he discussed his relationship with his teammate of old from Trans Am, David Hobbs, as well as his relations with other teammates.
  • Keeping on the theme of relationships, Ribbs covered his association with Muhammed Ali, and how this matured over the years – similarly, he discussed his relationship with Don King.
  • He further discussed the role his race played in his career, and how it limited him drastically – he also covered how other series’ have followed the actions of F1.
  • On this front, Ribbs credited Lewis Hamilton with bringing change within motorsport, before cheekily suggesting that – back in his day – he dealt with racism ‘with my fists’, and joking that Ecclestone deserves statues all over London for having a child at his old age.

Due to FOM’s restrictions, we cannot use the podcast but we have the link where you can find it: https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9hdWRpb2Jvb20uY29tL2NoYW5uZWxzLzQ5NjQzMzkucnNz/episode/dGFnOmF1ZGlvYm9vbS5jb20sMjAyMC0wNy0xNDovcG9zdHMvNzYzMjI3Mw?hl=en-IN&ved=2ahUKEwjH4bfbgtLqAhWR8HMBHaS4D7YQieUEegQIAxAE&ep=6

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