Pirelli Motorsport has noted that their member from the F1 contingent is back home from Australia as it confirms that 13-inch tyres will stay for 2021 season.

Having confirmed that one of its F1 team member was tested positive for COVID-19 during the Australian GP weekend, Pirelli has now noted to FormulaRapida.net that he has now returned back home in Italy after recovering from the virus.

It was only the McLaren F1 team member but in days after that Pirelli said that one of its personnel was also tested positive but no other member was in immediate danger. While the Italian tyre manufacturer person has returned, the British outfit’s are now returning.

Along with that update, Pirelli also confirmed that after the decision by F1 and the FIA, they will continue using the 13-inch tyres for the 2021 season with the 18-inch pushed to 2022 along with new regulations as they have less time to work on the new tyres/cars.

Pirelli notes that it will be a huge problem for everyone including them due to the coronavirus pandemic as they have limited chance to test the 18-inch compounds which they were due during the current year with the mule car from all the 10 F1 teams.

With the 13-inch tyres to continue in the 2021 F1 season, we asked about the compounds and its testing plans, to which they noted that it is an on-going discussion within their team. They added that it is a too early to take a decision with the things going around.

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