The promoters of Las Vegas GP have shared images and a video where they give a peek inside the under construction paddock building.

The promoters of F1 Las Vegas GP completed its topping out ceremony a few days ago which they regard as a significant moment in preparation for the 2023 grand prix at the famed venue. The who’s and who’s were present for the event.

Taking the chance, Las Vegas promoters also provided a video and some images from the under construction paddock building. Even though there are delays seemingly as per sources, but there is still time to catch up until November.

The key taking point in this topping out event was about making Las Vegas as a permanent grand prix venue and F1’s official headquarters of the United States of America. The sport already has long history with its Austin venue, while Miami has stepped up too.

But with so much hype around the Las Vegas name, it certainly triumphs the other two in terms of extravaganza. At the moment, the deal is for three years but there is every chance to extend, even to the extent of a decade long contract.

“The topping out ceremony brings us one step closer to the most highly anticipated race of the year,” said Renee Wilm, Las Vegas Grand Prix, Inc. CEO. “Additionally, this milestone also reinforced Liberty Media’s long-term commitment to the goal of making Las Vegas a permanent stop on the F1 calendar.”

At the same time, Stefano Domenicali stated: “The ceremony for the Las Vegas Grand Prix Paddock Building presented a significant milestone as it signifies F1’s expansion in the United States. Las Vegas will become the official F1 headquarters in the U.S.”

And Liberty Media’s Greg Maffei added: “This ceremony also serves as a moment to honor and thank all who were involved in creating a building of this magnitude. From local officials to the more than 400 construction workers who helped build the Las Vegas Grand Prix Paddock Building, this was a true community effort that deserves to be celebrated.”

Here’s some photos and a video –

Here’s video of the paddock building:

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