Peru has been confirmed as the sole route to be run during the 2019 edition of the world’s largest cross-country Dakar Rally.

After both Argentina and Bolivia’s pull-out from staging the rally next year, Peru was left as the only host of the rally in 2019. However, the Peruvian Government were apprehensive to stage it, especially due to the high financial and security requirement.

After much deliberations, the Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO) together with the Peruvian Government confirmed that Peru will host the rally in 2019 starting on January 6 in Lima and run until January 17.

The statement from ASO on the rally’s website read as: “The Dakar Rally  has been raised today by the Peruvian government as an “Event of National Interest”.

See you on the starting line next January the 6th!

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Ever since moving to South America in the year 2009, the rally has always seen multiple hosts with Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay and Peru all staging the different stages in different years, however 2019 will be the first time for a sole country to run the event.

Following the confirmation on Thursday, the Vice Minister of Cultural Heritage and Industries, Luis Villacorta told a Peruvian newspaper: “The position of the Ministry is in favor of a realisation that offers the guarantees of protection to heritage, and last year the Dakar was carried out by taking all the provisions.

“It will be OK if we replicate that same format.”