There were no changes at the start: Griggs was 1st, Pizzi 2nd, Mini 3rd and Aron 4th. The top 4 drivers have formed a group and they have escaped from the other drivers.

In the fifth lap, Aron overtook Fizzi to be second. Meanwhile, Griggs took advantage of these fights and he opened a gap of a second between him and Aron, who was then in second place. However, this strategy didn’t work very well because Aron had more speed than Griggs and the British driver got closer in one lap. Mini also overtook Pizzi, who had a slow pace.

In the 12th lap, Mini retired because of a failure. Meguetounif was 3th, Pizzi 4th, and Dimitrov 5th. One lap after that, Aron approached Griggs and he had a good distance to try to pass him. Meguetounif, who was 3th, was 4 seconds behind the two first drivers.

2 laps later, Aron arrived only a tenth behind Griggs. The Bristish driver was studyng every move the Lennox driver did. In lap 16, Dimitrov passed Pizzi, who had lost 3 positions since the start of the race.

And then, the intense ending came. With 2 laps to go, Aron overtook Griggs after spending 16 consecutives laps behind the Italian driver. When everyone thought the race was over, the revenge of Griggs came. The Italian driver -who was competing at home- was motivated to return the overtake to the British driver. He did it with a very dangerous manoeuvre. Griggs placed his go-kart next to Aron’s and at the exit of the last corner, he pushed him. Griggs won the race and Aron, who had been pushed out of the track, was able to finish 2nd. Meguetounif finished 3rd, Dimitrov 4th and Pizzi 5th.

After the podium celebration, race directors penalized Griggs, who lost two positions and thus finished 3rd. Finally, Aron won the Winter Cup and Meguetounif finished 2nd.