For the first time in the history of karting, an Estonian driver has won the European Champion. Paul Aron achieved the title two weeks ago in the 4th and last round of the CIK-FIA European Championship which was held in Essay (FRA). Parolin driver Gabriele Mini, second in the standings, won the race.

After a red flag caused by a grave accident -where many drivers was involved- in the start, Tony Kart’s Nikita Bedrin kept the leadership of the race. Bedrin was followed by VDK Racing’s Victor Bernier, Gabriele Mini, Ricky Flynn Motorsport’s Paul Aron and his team mate Kai Askey.

In the second lap Bernier overtook Bedrin and both drivers gained a considerable gap between Mini and Aron, who was 4th. But immediately the Estonian lost his pace and was overtook by some drivers until he stabilized in the 8th position. Forza Racing’s Alex Dunne was 4th.

In the sixth lap, Dunne -who had arrived until Bedrin because of many fastest laps- collided with the Russian driver. Both drivers had to retire and Mini got the second position, followed by CRG’s Gabriel Bortoleto, Forza Racing’s Isack Hadjar, Aron and Ricky Flynn Motorsport’s Zak O’Sullivan.

When more than half of the race was completed, Mini ovetook Bernier. With this movement Italian driver got the leadership of the race. In that moment, Mini was only three points behind Aron in the standings. Aron was 5th in the race.

In the next lap, Aron woke up and passed Hadjar, getting the fourth position.

Three laps before the end of the race, Aron tried to overtake Bortoleto, but the Brazilian driver defended his position very well.

One lap after, Aron was overtook by his team mate, O’Sullivan, because he could not pass Bortoleto in his second try.

In the last lap everything was more intense for the leader, because behind him Ward Racing’s Kirill Smal was arriving at the position of the Estonian driver and was faster than him. Fortunately for Aron, race ended and he finished in the fifth position, becoming OK-Junior European champion.

OK-Junior CIK-FIA European Championship classification.