Official driver from KSM Schumacher Racing Team, Nicklas Nielsen, has dominated in the OK WSK Champions Cup final which took place in Adria International Raceway

Since the first lap, Danish driver has obtained a long gap to the others drivers and his leadership has not been altered for anybody. The second position has been placed by many drivers during the race. But at the end, the second position has been for Lorenzo Ferrari, Lennox driver, who could take advantage of the fight between his pursuers and pull away.

That chaos which have benefited Ferrari is related to the fight between Zane Maloney, Barbados Islands’ driver, Italian driver Andrea Rosso and the British driver Jonny Edgar. After a lot of overtakes, Zane Maloney have been who completed the podium. Andrea Rosso was 4th and Jonny Edgar 5th.

The top 10 was completed for Leonardo Marseglia, Marius Zug, Dan Skodopole, Carles Martínez and Roman Stanek.