At the end of his road in F1, Haas’ Kevin Magnussen reflects on his career in racing’s top category in a positive light, despite how it all came to a close.

Of those leaving the sport at the end of 2020, Magnussen has been consistently the most positive as he prepares for a 2021 IMSA season with Chip Ganassi Racing. The Dane, with a secure future, has repeatedly expressed great excitement for the beginning of his career anew.

The 28-year-old leaves Haas after being forced out by two rookie replacements, putting to an end a career which began in style with a podium on debut in the 2014 Australian GP for McLaren. After a strong rookie year with the British outfit, Magnussen was sidelined by Fernando Alonso for 2015.

In 2016, he would race for Renault, before being picked up by Haas in 2017. Magnussen would spend the next four F1 seasons at the American team, with a high point coming in 2018, and a definitive low in 2020.

Despite adversities he faced throughout his career, and the underwhelming fashion in which it ended, though, Magnussen has found contentment as he bows out of F1. The Dane said upon reflection, “I think I’ve been really blessed, I guess, and privileged to have been given this opportunity that I’ve had in Formula 1,” he told media including F1, Motorsport Network,, BBC and more.

“I’ve been in Formula 1 for eight years if I count my testing years, and I’ve had six seasons of racing, kind of seven. But I came from a little kid dreaming about F1, and I went for it and I believed in it, and got there. I had this opportunity. Yeah, I dreamed of being world champion, I dreamt of winning races.

“But I got a podium and got a fair few seasons in Formula 1. So if I think about where I came from and getting there and doing all these seasons, I can only really be satisfied with that. Certainly would have loved to have won races and championships, but still happy about it,” Magnussen said.

The one-time podium finisher felt comfortable calling the bygone Abu Dhabi Grand Prix his final race, and though he acknowledges that Formula 1 remains unpredictable, he says he is “at peace” with the overwhelming possibility.

“I’m pretty at peace with it,” said Magnussen. “I know in motorsport you should never say never, in Formula 1, lots of things can happen, and you should never say never, but I’m ready to call this my last race. It’s like I’m going to go out and enjoy it, drive the car, this amazing car that is so satisfying to drive, and just think back on this amazing opportunity that I’ve been given.

“Growing up as a kid and dreaming about Formula 1, and wanting to get to Formula 1, and getting there and making a career out of it, it’s something that I feel really lucky and privileged to be able to have done,” Magnussen said in summary.

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