Williams’ Nicholas Latifi says he has complete faith on Williams for his F1 debut in 2020 after the work he has seen within in the factory.

One of the least desirable seats in F1 as it stands is at Williams. This is because of the British team’s struggles on-track, which have now spanned several years as they have been unable to produce a highly successful car, with 2019 being the worst of all.

Canadian rookie and Williams driver to-be Latifi, however, is still excited to join the outfit, as he made it clear that these past few years do not define them, and that he has complete faith on them after seeing things behind the scenes.

In addition, as a rookie, Latifi also saw their track record of developing young drivers, although he recognised that it won’t be easy, as would be the case for any team. “I think going into F1 as a rookie is always going to be difficult,” he started.

“It has it’s own challenges, but I think I’m joining a great team for a first year, I know they have the history of developing young drivers, [they are] one of the most successful teams in F1, in the history, so I think two bad years doesn’t define a team’s legacy.

“It doesn’t define what they’re capable of, so I have complete faith in everyone with what I’ve seen so far working with the team, we’re going to get on top of the problems, and hopefully be back to a more competitive running order.

“I am just looking forward to doing my part, anything I can to help do that and for sure. there’s gonna be challenges, but [I’m] definitely not underestimating the challenge that F1 will be. I know I’m gonna have a lot to learn still.

“I’ve had the opportunity in 2019 to have quite a few on-track opportunities with Williams. I know what to expect with the car, I feel good in the team environment right from the first day, felt kind of, at home, felt just able to be myself.

“I think it is important when you are jumping into a new team, especially a F1 team, so many people you’re working with, I’m just really looking forward to it.” Latifi also went on to discuss how his upcoming experience will differ from his past ones.

Having raced in GP2/F2 for multiple seasons, the 24-year-old noted that Williams will be bigger, and his new job will require more time at the factory, but other than that he sees no major change from what he’s already been through in his career prior to this point.

“I mean, to a certain extent it’s going to be very similar to what I’e been doing all my life because I started racing in competitive championships,” said Latifi, when asked by FormulaRapida.net. “For sure the training will change a little bit.

“After the Abu Dhabi test, I think I needed to work on my neck a little bit more. Largely it’ll be the same, I think there’ll be a lot more preparation going on at the factory, ahead of my first season, because you know there’s so many more things in F1.

“More like to complete procedures, things like that that you really need to be on top of and you kind of wanna not have any question marks in your head going into the first race of the season, so I think I’m gonna spend much more time at the factory than I would’ve in F2.”

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The story was edited by Darshan Chokhani