From Thursday to Saturday, no fewer than 69 qualifying heats are on the schedule of the IAME International Final 2018. To this number, the many free practice sessions, the warm-ups and the 18 races comprising the finals on Sunday must be added. This large-scale Karting event is unique in the world! It gathers drivers and teams from all over the globe, all driven by the same passion. The next stages of the competition at the Le Mans Karting International Circuit look like they will be packed with excitement.
A successful series
The success of the IAME International Final is obviously due to the importance acquired by the IAME Series throughout the world. Along the 7 editions of the event the requests to enter has raised to a point where IAME had to set up a selection process in each country allowing the participation to the very best drivers from IAME National Series only, with the most of them upon invitation. From year to year the number of nationalities represented keeps growing.
The performance, easy operation and reliability of the X30 engines manufactured by IAME, combined with the quality of the KOMET Racing Tyres and the support of the partners of the IAME Series, have contributed to the increasing success of the project.
For all ages and all tastes
Once again this year, the IAME International Final welcomes drivers of all ages. In the X30 Mini class, the youngest driver in the event has recently celebrated his eighth birthday, while several people entered in the X30 Master category are over 50. The IAME series are open to a huge number of Motorsport enthusiasts. There’s one engine model for each taste. The X30 125cc engine is well known and used all over the world and it has been declined in several different versions, more powerful ones as the X30 Super and X30 Super Shifter for very demanding drivers as well as the X30 Water Swift 60cc, for the youngest drivers. IAME has demonstrated that Karting can be affordable yet providing high competitiveness.
X30 Ladies out to conquer the podium
Karting is one of the rare mixed sports where men and women can race against one another. This year no fewer than 19 X30 Ladies are competing and a special prize will be awarded on Sunday evening for the the best out of them.
A hard outcome to predict
The paddock pits and grids at Le Mans are all full and there are many contenders for the final victories. On Friday evening, 25 different drivers won one of the qualifying heats. In such conditions, predicting the outcome is an extremely difficult task. Of course, some of the safe bets are already fighting at the front, but surprises are always behind the corner. In addition, it’s necessary to keep an eye on how the weather will evolve. Since Wednesday at the start of time qualifying practice, there has been few rain showers, enough to modify the hierarchy established in dry conditions. The forecast for the end of the meeting is still uncertain and anything can still happen! Two days to go!